Desktop Laboratory (“DTL”) provides systems integration for industry and research.  DTL creates hardware

and software primarily for testing products.  DTL’s primary tool is

National Instrument’s LabVIEW®

Virtual Instruments. Scott Myers

 is the first member of National Instrument’s Alliance.

Writing includes: “The Mac

Scientist: Creative Engineering"

DTL’s projects include The

Virtual Scientisttm and The

Science ToolBoxtm, a set of

software virtual instrument

libraries and hardware

respectively for basic

science and education.


Virtual Instruments are software instruments as opposed to stand

alone instruments.  The pedago-

gical basis of LabVIEW’s graphical environment is The Scientific Method: hypothesis leads to tests then con-clusions and returns to the hypothesis.


Brief History: Desktop Laboratories began as Craft Robot, which

began at the urging of Apple

 Computer while working on

"The Robot Show” at the

American Craft Museum

in 1984

(c) 2018 all writes preserved

Desktop Laboratory

What:  Contract Engineering

Phone: (518) 291-8169

Principal: Scott Myers


Systems engineering for

Science & Industry

Programming; Test

and Measurement


Favorite Quote:

    “I Seem To Be a Verb,”

     R. Buckminster Fuller


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What’s up with the logo?  The logo’s composed of four basic elements: water, fire, earth and wind – 2 elements and 2 forces.  This represented everything to Alchem-

ists.  Native Americans use the

a similar circular image called a

 Circle of Courage.  Chinese Astrology uses metal and

wood as part of their basic

five elements.


Desktop Laboratory provides

systems engineering and

product development.